St. Paddy's Day is Coming

For March, we've got all the green you could possibly need! We spent some quality time going through all of the amazing shades of green we could have in stock and were able to put together lots of great bracelet & earring sets as well as stand-alone pieces.

Have you ever really celebrated St. Patrick's Day? It's typically not a widely celebrated holiday unless you've got Irish friends or happen to enjoy a good Irish pub.

I've always worn green that day because we'd get pinched by our mom if we didn't. It became a habit and my brother has even dressed up as a leprechaun in celebration. Granted, he's about 6-feet tall, so nobody is fooled, but it's all in fun. I've even gone to the pub, partaken of corned beef and cabbage, and drank green beer (Tastes just like brown beer).

Working with international students, we got to introduce them to fun American cultural activities. We would pass out green bowler hats, green scarves, green headbands, and all kinds of goodies. We would even celebrate with a party of green food, typically cupcakes with green frosting, but we'd also get creative. Guacamole dip would stay green for a little while. Green grapes would always be a hit. Celery, green tortilla chips, and any salad with green lettuce helped to keep things green. A green punch with 7-up for bubbles was the drink of choice.

St. Patrick's Day itself doesn't have a lot of deep meaning for most Americans, but we can always make it fun. Try to make it interesting, whether you're staying home or venturing out. Try something new!! And check out our latest green pieces to protect yourself from any random pinches that could come your way!

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